Tuesday, February 25, 2014

How to get rid of ombre hair

Important things to know... 
Ombre hair cannot be "removed".  Once you have bleached your hair, it's never going to be the same again. The pigments are lost and if you just dye your hair all over again, they are still going to be lighter than the rest of your hair/new growth.

I've done some online research of how to undo ombre hair but haven't found many satisfying answers. Most would say to let the ombre part grow out then cut it, or simply cut it. Since I like to keep my hair long, this option was impossible for me.
before/ after

If you want to know how I did this, please continue reading!

About six months ago (last September), I turned my hair into an ombre by using a at home bleaching kit. Of course things went different from what I expected, I ended up with a combination of ombre and highlights. Just recently I got completely tired of it, it made my hair color looked so uneven. I know this may not look too obvious for some people but it was enough to bother me.

Excuse my dull face in the morning...

The difference in color between the top of my hair and bottom

 Schwarzkopf Perfect Mouuse in Cassis Velvet Brown 
Basically any dark brown hair dye would work, just don't use black unless that's the colour you are after. I began with applying the formula on my ends (ombre) instead of the roots, this is the key of covering the bleached hair. The logic is simple, the longer you leave the hair dye, the darker it gets.
I did this for about 20 minutes before I moved on to the upper sections. For each section I waited for 10 minutes until I reached the roots.
Finally no more brassy bleached ends! As you can see, they are quite dark now.

Indoor with/without flash

The alternative way of getting rid of ombre hair is to darken them. They are still there, but almost invisible unless you try to look for them. I hope they stay that way even after the red tones have faded (which will be pretty soon I reckon, red hardly lasts).

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