Sunday, March 9, 2014

Japanese Cosmetic Haul Part 2: Kiss Me Heroine Make Quick Eyeliner

Kiss Me Heroine Make Quick Eyeliner 

Here is the second product of my Japanese cosmetics haul series! I picked up this eyeliner when I was just randomly browsing drugstore. Since I'm loving my everyday liquid eyeliner from Kiss Me Heorine, I thought I would try out their pencil eyeliner as well. It only costed about 500 yen, extremely affordable.

To use this eyeliner, you twist it out. I prefer this over the traditional type of pencil eyeliner because I don't like having to sharpen it. It comes with a little rubber when you can blend out the eyeliner, as you can see in the description. The rubber feels very firm and hard. 

As I twisted the product, I noticed that the tip of the eyeliner has a rectangular shape instead of the usual "sharpened" one. It has kind of a square-cut edge and I wasn't too fond of this design because its edge poked me eyelid a bit when applying.

A quick swatch of the eyeliner...

The color is not so pigmented as you can see. I somewhat expected this because my liquid eyeliner from this collection isn't the blackest either. So this eyeliner may not be for you if you are after the carbon-like super black look. The texture of the product is dry, rather than a creamy one. 

The most important about an eyeliner for me is definitely how long it lasts. I worn this eyeliner for 6 hours and here is the result...

The color faded after a few hours, but it doesn't smudge too bad. It just loses the original intensity which is not a lot to begin with. I'm glad that it doesn't give me panda eyes, which some other pencil eyeliners had given me in the past. Overall, Kiss Me Heroine Make Quick Eyeliner is not too satisfying for me. But I think it's not bad if you just want a hint of color on your lower lash line, which is what I'll probably use it for. 

-affordable price
-mechanical design so doesn't require sharpening 
-petite, easy to carry around 

-lack of pigmentation 
-color fading 
-non creamy texture


  1. I love Kiss Me Heroine's mascara but haven't tried this eyeliner before. It looks good even if it isn't as pigmented because it would be great for minimal make up looks!

    Fashion Ganache.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog!
    I also bought a mascara from this brand, a review will come up soon :)

  3. Oh I have seen this product a lot, thank you for review it ^^
    Too bad it wasn't very pigmented and is very subtle, almost like the Dolly Wink Eye Liner Pencil I have.

    恵美より ♥

    1. it also smudges when I put on my upper lash line.. :(
      do you know a good pencil eyeliner perhaps? it's not easy to find one