Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Japanese Cosmetics Haul Part 1: CANMAKE Marshmallow Finish Powder

Last month I visited Osaka, Japan for a few days and had a chance to try out some cosmetic brands from there. The first brand that I'd like to talk about is CANMAKE, I heard a lot of compliments about this Japanese drugstore cosmetic brand being high-quality yet affordable.

I must have spent more than 30 minutes just looking at this stall alone!

The Japanese are amazing at packaging, whether it's food or makeup, or even things that you will probably only use once e.g. paper bag. The brand image of CANMAKE to me looks very girly and princess-like, which I adore. 

Marshmallow Finish Powder 

SPF26 PA++ (to be honest I haven't seen this before, since it's usually SPF25...)
Made in Japan

What's inside of the package...

The pressed powder comes in this gorgeous little golden case, with a mirror and puff for application. 

More pictures because it's too pretty.

I'd assume that packaging is very important in the Japanese cosmetic market. Even for a brand like CANMAKE, its price range is similar to Maybelline or even cheaper especially if you live in Australia. Yet, they put in effort to make their products looking very premium and visually appealing. 
Of course, appearance doesn't equal everything. So let's see how this product actually performs.

First of all, the powder puff is soft but quite thin, kind of reminds me of the cotton pads for removing makeup. It feels a little fragile, but then no damage should happen if it's well-kept in the case and you don't rub it harshly on your face. 

As I remember, there were two colors available for this pressed powder: light and medium. I bought the lighter color because medium looked a bit dark on my hand.

I tried the product after applying my daily Etude House Precious Mineral BB cream, which has a glowy finish as you see in the photo. Sometimes I feel like it adds a bit too much shine to my face. 


After gently padding the powder a few times on my face, my skin was instantly became matte! No photo editing here, it's the true result :D 

A closer-look...

Packaging 5/5
Coverage 3/5 (light)
Mattifying Effect 5/5

I try not to use too much of it at once, because I don't like my face makeup being "over-matte". I think it makes the skin looks dry and heavy. I would suggest not padding more than twice.
Overall, I am quite happy with this CANMAKE Marshmallow Finish Powder. It also helps to minimize sweating, which sometimes happens above my upper lip (moustache area). I am also glad that it is a pressed powder formula instead of loose powder, it's much more safe and convenient to carry around and won't spill all over your bag. (happened to me before) 

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