Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Japanese Cosmetics Haul Part 3: Kiss Me Heroine Mascara

I know that this is probably not the first review you read about this mascara, there are raves about it all over the place. Especially if you live in Asia, you probably would have seen this. I myself, saw this mascara countless times before I finally bought. For the past 3 years or so, I've been religiously using the majorca majolica mascara by shiseido. It's been doing an excellent job so I didn't feel the need for the hunt for an alternative. Until recently, I suddenly have a desire for long, voluminous doll-eye-like lashes. Guess what? I think I have just found my new favourite mascara!

Like a lot of other Japanese cosmetics, Kiss Me Heroine mascara has a girly, pink packaging with a princess-crown print. 

I'm very glad that the brush is a small one, it gives a lot more control. I hate big fat brushes that is even larger than my eye. 

Here is the result of two coats! I'm very impressed with this mascara, I would say that it has surpassed all the other mascaras I've used. You can see that it adds quite a lot of length to my lashes, they went pass quite far my eyelids! 

Excuse me if this looks scary... :D
This is an amazing lengthening mascara if that's what you are looking for, but not so much for adding volume. I personally prefer lengths over volume because the volumizing ones tend to look clumpy on me.

Long-lasting effects? My eye lashes after 6-7 hours

Obviously, my eyelashes looked less "perky" than they were when the mascara were first applied. This is kind of expected from my experiences. As you can see from the side picture, my lashes slightly drooped but not completely downwards. I consider this to be fairly good because I have asian lashes that are naturally dead-straight. I would say that this mascara does a decent job at holding curl.

-adds very good length to eyelashes 
-separates lashes well
-holds curls for a good amount of time

-not very volumizing 
-gets clumpy after 3 coats (I guess most mascaras do?)

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