Friday, April 25, 2014

CC cream VS BB cream: Kanebo Freshel CC cream

Update: I'm editing this post because soon after this post, I stopped using the product as I thought it was breaking me out. This post was from awhile ago so I'm sure there are now more variety of CC creams out there.

But I haven't tried any other CC creams ever since so I cannot comment on that.CC cream stands for color correction or color control, which are meant to improve skin redness and uneven skin tone. CC cream is said to be the improved version of BB cream and it has been in the market for quite some time now. This review is going to be on my first ever CC cream, which I purchased from Japan.

Kanebo Freshel CC cream


This CC cream claims to offer 5 products/ functions: serum, moisturizer, face cream(? I can't read Japanese), sun protection and color correction.

The packaging is quite standard, comes with rather small tube I would say. But I found that BB creams and CC creams tend to go a long way with a small amount for each application. My last tube of BB cream lasted me more than a year. 

I believe that this CC cream only comes in one shade, it is a pale colour. The consistency is very runny and sheer because it is a water-based product, which makes it very easy to apply evenly. I would compare its texture to a moisturiser.

Now let's see what it looks like on my skin...
I don't have too much of a problem with uneven skin tones. But as you can see, I have some blemishes to cover, mostly on my forehead. 



My blemishes definitely look less obvious than before and the CC cream gives me a lighter overall skin tone. I like the feeling of having this product on my skin,  it is absorbed into my skin as I applied rather than lying on top of it (unlike my everyday BB cream). This CC cream comes with a smell that I'm not too fond of, it reminds me of playdoh.

A closer look

This CC cream gives a glossy finish, I did put pressed powder afterwards in the photo so it looks more matte. As you can see there is a discoloration between my face and neckline, this CC cream is super pale. However, I took this photo with flash, in real life the difference is less noticeable.

What CC cream does better than BB cream...
Absorbed into the skin as applied (I felt it instantly!)

The downsides...
Sheer coverage 
Like BB cream, only one shade available which is very pale

I would like to know others' experiences with CC cream, so please share! 

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