Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Easy French Tips Manicure

There are many ways to DIY a french tip manicure, for example:
  • using white tickers 
  • glue tape your nails, leaving a space for the tips; paint your nails white and then remove the tip 
  • simply use a white nail polish to outline the french tip look
  • use a brush and dip in some white polish, to get a precise look
I've tried the second and third option, most of the time I don't get a too satisfying look because my fingers are shaky and the brush is too large for outlining the tips. When I tried to use the tape method, I get a "horizontal straight-line" look instead of a natural, "curved" look if you understand what I mean? 

French Manicure Tip Whitener by Essence

I got this manicure tip painter from Priceline for $2.75, very cheap, definitely a bargain. It is by Essence, I love their nail polish range if you have read my previous posts, you'll know!

So it came with this pointy, ultra-thin tip that allow you to draw a very thin line on the tip of your nails, then you just fill in the rest to get the french manicure look. Super easy, right?

The consistency of this nail polish is very light, so you can build up the colour layer by layer without making it all clumpy and difficult to dry. 

I did this manicure look about 3-4 days ago and you can see that there is a little chip off at the edge of my thumb in the photo. I think this is the only downside of this product, it doesn't last long. I would shorter than the average nail polish because they usually last me 5 days until some chipping occur. But today I did some hand-washing laundry so I don't know if that's why...

I reckon that painting another layer of white polish (from another product) may last longer.

But anyway, I still love this product and will give it a thumb up because now I can do my french tips like a piece of cake! I think I did a pretty good job, considering that I've been asked if I got it done professionally :D

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