Saturday, April 12, 2014

I've dyed my hair! (again)

It's been about 5 to 6 weeks since I last dyed my hair, when I tried to get rid of my ombre hair. If you want to know how I did it, the link is HERE!

So here I am, writing about another post on how I dyed my hair again. This is my third time I've colored my hair this year and it's only April! Please note that I don't normally do this, I've got a reason. :P

What happened was that one day I clipped half of my hair up, then I saw 1/3 of my hair being black. My last dye job was horribly uneven! No one would probably see it since I always wear my hair down, but it bothered me... so last week I used the Revlon Colorsilk in number 49 (Auburn Brown). 

The package is just like any traditional form of hair dye, comes with the developer, color dye and conditioner. I concentrated on coloring the back and inner sections of my hair, also my growing roots. This hair dye was dirt cheap, costed me 35HKD (5AUD) when bought in Hong Kong. I don't think that you can find any hair dye as cheap in Australia.

I took these photos on the same night I dyed my hair, hence the bare face and pajamas :D
Although my hair looked black in many photos, it was actually a medium brown to begin with.
 My roots....

As you can see, the hair dye covered my roots pretty well. The color is quite vibrant and rich, but I was standing very close to the light source (indoor). In comparison, my old hair color looked dull and faded.
 Now to outdoor lighting... taken after first shampoo. It looks more red and closer to the shade on the box.

However, I prefer the indoor colour because it is more natural and makes my hair looks healthier. But to be honest, sometimes I don't know what my hair looks like because the light in my room is quite dim. 
Overall, I would recommend this hair dye because it gave me the colour that it promised and it's so cheap!

What I like:
 Extremely afforable
True to colour
The conditioner smells nice and detangles my hair super well.

What I don't like:
Traditional form of hair dye instead of foam 
(just my personal preference, because foam is easier to apply)


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