Saturday, June 7, 2014

A mini haul of Essence

It's been more than two weeks since I last posted anything! For those of you who are a university student in Australia (or other parts of the world), you would probably be aware that now it's week 13. It's time to finish all your assignments and prepare for exams!

Awhile ago, I walked into Priceline and bought a few things from Essence. If you live in Australia and aren't aware of this brand, you're missing out!

1. Essence colour & go nail polish in 162 dare it nude/ 8ml/ made in france/ $2.75

This isn't my first post on the nail polish range of Essence, I loooooove them!! excellent quality and low price! This nude shade is so chic and feminine at the same time, with a grey undertone. I personally think it is a colour that goes well with any outfits, therefore a must have!

2. Essence Liquid ink eyeliner waterproof/ 3ml/ made in Luxembourg/ $4.50

I had been looking for a new liquid eyeliner for a little awhile, specifically a matte one. I'm not sure if anyone shares the problem with me, but every time after I curl my eyelashes; some of my eyeliner would come off and "transfer" onto my curler. Anyone???

Well, that's the only thing I don't like about my kiss me heorine liquid eyeliner. Therefore, I decided that I need a matte-finish liner that dries almost instantly and stays well.

I'm not going to lie, the brush applicator is a bit hard to control and for the first few times, I ended up with a thicker liner than I would normally draw (which is not necessarily a bad thing). But practice makes perfect, once you get used to the brush it works just the same, or even better than a felt tip one.

The brush is thin enough to draw a precise, thin line. The size of this liner is very petite, therefore perfect for travel. I worn the eyeliner for 8 HOURS and when I got home it still looked as if I just applied it. I highly recommend it, given that it is also incredibly cheap for $4.50!

3. Essence Long lasting eye pencil/ 05 c'est la vie!/ 0.34g / $2.75

I picked up this eyeliner when browsing as I was looking for a white liner for my lower lash line but they only had a silver one instead for this range. 
It is a retractable eyeliner which I love, this is because from my experience the ones that require sharpening tend to break very easily.

I swatched it on my hand and thought it looked like a nice alternative to white.

Sorry for the slightly blurry picture.

This is the look created using both the liquid and silver eyeliner. The silver liner looks almost like a white-shade in the photo, the liner itself is great but I think somehow the look seems a bit natural. (maybe due to the lack of eyeshadow)
What do you think?!


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