Monday, July 14, 2014

Maybelline Eye Studio Master Liner Cream Pencil in Bk-01

If you live outside of Australia, this eyeliner might be called Master "drama" instead of "liner" but I believe that it is the same product judging from the appearance. 

The eyeliner is a mechanical one, which for me is always a plus. The packaging is simple and nothing out of the ordinary. 

One quick swatch of the eyeliner itself, it isn't the blackest eyeliner so if you want a more intense color you will have to keep applying.

Look how much I've used up just trying it the first time! the tip is almost entirely gone. The eyeliner didn't run smoothly on my eyelids so I kept filling it. It's definitely not "creamy" but it isn't exactly dry either. It is somewhat inbetween. 

I love the finished look of this eyeliner, it looks more natural than what my usual liquid liner gives but at the same time it is still a very precise, shapely line.

After 8 hours...

The eyeliner didn't really smudge, except for leaving a bit of "shadow" on my outer lashline. To be honest, this is the best smudgeproof pencil eyeliner I've used (at least for what I remember). Most pencil liners would leave a ridiculous panda eye look after a few hours of wearing or simply fade away to the point that it is hardly visible. 

The intensity of the color stays pretty well. 

I doubt that this eyeliner will live to its claim of lasting 24 hours (but who needs that?!). Nevertheless, this is worth a try if you have trouble finding a smudgeproof pencil eyeliner.

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