Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Going red again: Etude House Bubble hair dye

Yes, another hair dye post and this time I used Etude House Bubble hair dye. I remember that the first time ever I dyed my hair at the age of 16,  I was using Liese bubble/ foam hair dye. I'm not sure exactly why I've stopped using any form of bubble hair dye, because it is super easy and creates great results.

Etude House bubble hair dye in 04 Wine Red

 My hair before...
My hair has faded pretty obviously in last 4 months, to a coppery brown that you see on many asian women. Is it just me or every time I dye my hair, no matter what color I use, it eventually turns into a color like this? 

I didn't like this faded brown hair at all, it looked dull.

I had about 2 inches of regrowth on my roots.

If you have used any sort of foam/bubble hair dye before, then you know what a beautiful invention it is. 
It is extremely easy to use, the foam formula prevents dripping. They usually come with a bottle with a pump here, all you have to do is to put the hair coloring in and shake it, shake it! 

Apply the hair dye all over your head, as if you are washing your hair. The way I did it was to apply the color onto my roots first, then moved onto to the rest of my hair. Once all parts of my hair were covered with the foam, I massaged my head using my fingers for a good 15-20 minutes (you know like trying to rub the hair dye in slowly...).  I tried to used up the entire bottle of hair dye but there was too much. Even though I have super fine and thin hair, it was long, about 3 inches above my belly button. If you have an average amount of hair, one box is definitely enough.

Using plastic wrap is optional but I found it useful for securing hair together, prevent dripping. I could also feel my hair warming up, apparently heat is supposed to help the hair follicles to expand and absorb the color better. 

The color came out to be very vibrant! However, I wouldn't call this "wine red", which I pictured to be a burgundy sort of dark red. I bought this hair dye online so I wasn't too sure of what to expect. This shade is more of a coppery-red, with orange undertones.

Update: After 10 days
The intensity of the color is still going strong, the red has faded a bit which is expected. The color problem I have is that several strands of my hair look super orange, especially under the sunlight. I guess its because of my failure DIY-bleaching from a year ago. 
I'll probably keep this color until it fades, then I'll dye it an ash color to tone down the orange. 

Otherwise, big thumb up for Etude House Bubble hair dye! 
I wish more western brands like Loreal Paris and Garnier can start using the foam hair dye formula, it's so much better! I don't think I'll go back to traditional hair dyes again due to its messiness. 


  1. Wow, that is a beautiful red color. Have you ever tried henna on your hair, it gives you a similar reddish color and it is quite natural.
    Bright Shiny

    1. Thanks! I've never tried henna because I heard that you can't dye it over with chemical dye once you have it. I'm not ready to commit to any hair color yet :P