Monday, September 8, 2014

"Matt" effect: Essence XXXL longlasting lipgloss

When I first saw this essence product online, it immediately reminded me of the NYX matte lip cream that everybody raved about. Unfortunately, as far as I know NYX isn't widely available in Australia. I've only seen it in Target recently, at a much higher price than what they sell in the U.S. But if anyone knows where to buy NYX here, let me know!

$4.70 from Priceline
Shade- 05 Velvet Rose

It's a lipstick packed in a lipgloss tube (sort of), which is awesome. But I think the label is problematic because it looks EXACTLY the same as the regular lipgloss with shine except for the little sticker that says "MATT effect". It is easy for the two mixed up if you don't look carefully.

This lipgloss smells amazing!! It has a caramel smells so yummy, I love it. But I've read some reviews where people don't like the smell too much, so it's a matter of personal preference. 

The texture of this lipgloss is incredibly smooth, it glides on so effortlessly on my lips and works like a dream. I would say that it is a texture that many lipsticks have not achieved so big thumbs up. 

It was a very hard to take a photo of the lipgloss where the color looks the same as in real life. I would say that color is in fact lighter than what it is shown above, with a very pinkish tone. 
To be honest, I wasn't too fond of the color at first. I was looking for a natural looking, everyday lip color and this one appeared a little too "pink" and "doll-like" for me. 

Pigmentation is great, one layer will give you the color in the tube. But I do like to apply two layers, just my habit.

The shot of the color in outdoor lighting.

I think this shade is on the lighter side, but it doesn't make me look too washed out.

Lasting power
I think this is the only flaw with the lipgloss, it does not last long. I know, even though it states "longlasting". I personally find that it has a lasting power of no more than 3 hours. It is super moisturizing when first applied on my lips but the effect gradually disappears. After 3 hours of wearing it, my lips started to feel dry and the color was barely there anymore, and I didn't even eat or drink anything in particular. 

Would I purchase it again?
For less than $5, I think it's a decent product. But since I don't like having to reapply color onto my lips every few hours, so I can't say that I'll purchase it again. 

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