Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Palty Foam Hair Color in Cinnamon Churros: Yay or Nay?

Palty Foam Hair Color in Cinnamon Churros

It's that time of the year again... dying my hair every 3 months has become a yearly routine for me.

Since my last hair dye job back in August, I've decided to only now foam/bubble hair color from now on. 

because it just makes life that much easier! It doesn't drip all over the place and gives a more even look!

So this time I used the well-known Palty japanese hair dye that I bought from Hong Kong when I went there in August. 

My hair situation...

I had orangey/coppery light brown hair to begin with, which was a result of faded red hair dye.

I suddenly decided to go for a change, so I bought a shade called Cinnamon Churros (which is what most brands would refer to "ash brown"). I've always found it interesting that Japanese hair dyes are always creative with their labels, like I've seen "milk tea brown" and "vanilla beige". 

I was super excited to try out this shade, since I've always only dyed my hair with warm toned colors like medium to dark brown and red. I was curious to see if an ashy cool tone would suit me. 

Ease of use 

Different from most other foam hair dyes out there, Palty one came with a container instead of a bottle with pump. The method was pretty easy, basically all I had to was squeeze the product into the container and use the paddle to stir. In less than a minute, the foam was already formed.

One issue I had was that the container was quite small. Sure, it doesn't look tiny but there was only that much foam it could fit. 
I would say that unless you have the short hair (above the shoulder), go for two boxes because even for my super fine hair, one box wasn't enough.


The scent of the chemical was decent, no "toxic" sort of smell at all.

The result 

I was so disappointed with the result!!! My hair turned out so dark, it looked jet black under indoor lighting. It looked nothing like the ashy brown color on the box.

That was taken immediately after I dyed it.

I was desperately hoping it to get lighter after a few washes... and it did. 

The color has become natural, sort of like a wooden dark brown. Well, it's still not the ashy shade that I was wanting to achieve! Actualy, I've had friends telling me my hair looks the same! (cry :/) 

The hair dye also left my hair fairly dry for a couple of days. It smoothened again with the daily use of conditioner. 

Final verdict

I was definitely expecting more from Palty, since it's a very popular hair dye brand within the blogging community. 
It's a shame because Palty provides a wide range of colors to choose from. 

Now, does anyone have any recommendation of hair dye that will create a true ash brown shade?

please leave me comments below!  


  1. Ohh it is lovely to see another beauty blogger based in Sydney~ :3
    It is unfortunate that the hair dye did not live up to your expectations! :C


    1. Thanks for commenting!
      Your blog is lovely too :)

  2. Hey, I just rews your review. To be honest, I've never tried Palty hair dye before, but I've read a lot of reviews and lots of people did not like the foam dye because it wasn't very good (in coverage and also in quantity). Though I read that the actual hair dye is probably better than the foam pack.