Monday, December 1, 2014

Review: first time with ASOS swimwear

I browse ASOS every now and then, I find that although some of their stuff can be quite costly, they do occasionally offer some bargaining items.

What a pleasant surprise! They have a HUGE collection of swimwear and they are SO CHEAP!

I'm guessing that is due to the fact that it's winter in the UK/Europe so they started a clearance on the summer items.
The prices were unbelievably low and styles were super cute, so I ended up ordering two sets of bikini.

I got these two sets for a total of £16.00 ($29.57AUD), if you don't know already buying in British pounds is the cheapest on ASOS as they always add a bit to the currency-adjusted price! (sneaky)

ASOS Acid Wash Twist Knot Bandeau Bikini Top

Bottom (separate item)

South Beach Chelsy Glam Bandeau Bikini Top

As you can see, the bikinis turned out to be pretty much as the same in the model photos. With the exception that the acid wash one is slightly more blue toned (which I LOVE!). I would suggest watching the runway videos, as they show a more true to color demonstration. 

First of all, I absolutely adore the styles of these bikinis. The acid wash one reminds me of those pastel/pink sky photos you see on tumblr/instagram (you probably know what I'm talking), I love the combination of pink and blue. 

The rhinestone on the white one is simply gorgeous, at first I was a little hesitated because of the delicate material. But I just couldn't resist, it looks a lot like the Victoria Secret bandeau tops with the diamond in the middle. 

I personally find bandeau bikini tops to be more flattering (they can make you look bigger than you are!) and perfect if you prefer more coverage. 

I haven't worn these yet so I'm not sure what they will react. I don't know too much about swimwear material so I don't have much to comment about. 

But one thing that I didn't like so much is that the removable padding on the white bandeua top are awkwardly placed, they would move around so you have to adjust them everytime you wear them. I find that to be somewhat annoying.

Here is the most important part, online shopping almost always come with a risk. I panicked a bit after my order, worrying about the sizing. 

I ordered both bikini bottoms in UK/AUS size 10, which is my usual size here in Australia. (Sometimes I need a 12). Apparently, one is smaller than the other despite the fact they are both the same size! Given that they are both ASOS home branded, I would say that their sizing is inconsistent. 

The acid wash bottom is more cheeky and shows more skin, I'm not a big fan of this as I want more coverage. It is also noticeably shorter so it is more low-waisted and the waistband is smaller. It is also quite obviously smaller than the mint bottom, which is too small for me to wear. It is a shame because it is such a lovely set.

As for the bandeau tops, I ordered as size 12 (which I'm glad I did). For those of you living in other countries, it is equivalent to a 34 bra brand. If you are a C cup or larger, I would highly suggest you to go for a UK size 12 instead of 10. 

For me, the tops sit very comfortably. The acid wash one comes with a self-tie back, so it can be easily adjusted. The white top comes with a clasp, I find it to be just right but may loosen up in the water given that it's not a tight fit. I don't intend to wear it without the halter because I find it more flattering with the straps. 

Overall, I am very happy with my purchase (possibly the best I've ever had with ASOS) as online shopping can be a hit or miss. The swimwear are well-worth the price and I highly recommend buying them during the sale! 

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  1. I'm an EU 75C size in bra so should I buy size 12 bikini top from Asos?