Saturday, February 21, 2015

Travelling in Australia: Part 1 Sydney

In early 2012, I've moved to Sydney to study at university and since then I've spent two years in Australia! 

The summer holiday season in Australia typically lasts from December to February and I was very lucky to have my high school bestie to visit me from JAPAN! I'd like to write down our 10 day experience of travelling as a memory, as well as a guide for those of you who may be thinking about visiting the down under. 

I'll start off writing about Sydney as Part 1.

Day 1 Circular Quay & Fish Market

Here it is, the iconic opera house! Guessing that most travellers will be staying in a hotel within the CBD, this area is extremely easy to get to. Just catch the train to Circular Quay station or the free shuttle bus 555 will get you there! 

The Harbour Bridge

Fish Market

The fish market opens everyday from 7am to 4pm with fresh seafood. However, the location can be a little tricky to get to. We took the bus 443 from circular quay, there are many other buses that you can take. I suggest planning in advance to find out the best route.

I'll be honest with you, the food isn't cheap there! These amazing grilled scallops with cheese costed $10 for three and was probably the best deal we could find.

Unfortunately, a lot of the food there require cooking so options are limited. Nevertheless, with the beautiful and relaxing waterfront view outside I would still recommend a visit to the fish market.

Day 2 Blue Mountains & Jenolan Caves Tour  

I highly recommend AAT kings if you are looking for day tours in Australia. My friend and I booked the Blue Mountains & Jenolan Caves Tour for a discounted price at $111 (originally 158) on 

The driver had a great sense of humour and the shuttle bus offered free wifi for the entire trip! Incredible! The tour also offered a lot of background information about Australian culture and history.

Our first stop was a small town called Katoomba within the blue mountains area. The centre there offered $10 aboriginal dance show which I highly recommend. 

Three sisters!

Jenolan Caves (Lucas Cave)

Jenolan caves offer a wide variety of caves walking tours, some are more physically intense than the others. The AAT kings included the Lucas Cave for us, which was a 1.5 hour walk. If you prefer other caves, you would be given the choice to do so. 

I personally found the Lucas Cave fascinating with the view of the blue lake. As I am probably one of the world's most unfitted people, I was actually comfortable with the amount of walking!

Darling harbour with hearts! how cute! (closet train station - Town Hall)

Day 3 Newtown & Sightseeing cruise 

Newtown is probably not on your list of destinations for Sydney but it is one of my favourite places Since it is rarely introduced on travel guides, I feel like a lot of tourists would miss out that area.

What does Newtown offer? 
-vintage shopping (clothes, furnitures), lots of coffee shops, street art and overall funkiness

Newtown is an inner city suburb that is less than 10 minutes drive from the CBD area.
A lot of buses would get you there and Macdonalds station if you are catching the train.

The pie tin
Address: 1-1a brown st, Newton NSW 2042

Australia's oldest university, University of Sydney is just within walking distance near Newtown so if you are have spare time, I would say check it out!

Sightseeing cruise 

We booked a harbour cruise by the company called magistic cruise and it was $28 per person. The duration was one hour and provided a generous amount of time to observe the beautiful Sydney harbour.

I would recommend taking a cruise to get the best views of Sydney Harbour as simply walking around the area may not give you the 360' panorama view!

Day 4 Bondi Beach

Taken from:

Unfortunately, I did not take the best photos while I was at Bondi because my lens stopped working! what a bummer :/

However, Bondi Beach is a must when visiting Sydney! It is about 30 minutes bus ride from the CBD area and it is totally worth it to go. 
What I like the most about the beach is its costal walk with beautiful formation of rocks. 

The waves, stones, rocks and houses give a very unique vibe to the beach.

That's it my personal guide of visiting Sydney! If you have any questions, please leave a comment below. 

I reckon a 4 days 3 nights stay in Sydney is the most efficient duration to explore the city, especially if you are planning to travel the entire country.


  1. hehe i live in Sydney too! Glad your enjoying your time down here!

  2. Where are you originally from Alice? I love in perth, but I must visit sydney one day! Really enjoy travel posts :).

    1. Hi Kim,
      I was born in Sydney but moved to Hong Kong at a young age. Sydney is definitely worth a visit if you already live in australia! :D