Sunday, April 12, 2015

H&M big sale haul (super cheap)

My first post in April, it's been so long!

If you are in Sydney right now, I would totally have to urge you to visit H&M because they are having a HUGE sale. By that I mean, everything is under $20. (seriously!) It's definitely the biggest sale I've seen since they last opened in December.

The store is in Macquarie Centre so it may be far for some of you to travel there but it's worth it cause you will go home with a bunch of lovely new clothes! (the perks of being a Macq Uni student hehe!)

So here are the things that I bought.

A large tote bag in Taupe (fits my 13 inch macbook air) $10 
comes with a cross body strap, great for carrying heavy stuff but looks better when hand-held

Skinny ankle jeans with zipper detail $10

I'm a girl with short, thick legs so finding jeans that fit me well has always been a struggle. They are still a tad long for me (maybe 3cm) but nothing extreme. 
I got these in a size 29 and they are made of very stretchy (almost legging-like) soft material and they don't loosen up throughout the day! (which I hate when skinny jeans just become baggy)

The zipper detail makes the look more dressy, will look good with wedges and heels. 

Denim shorts in light and medium wash $5 each (crazy bargain?)
Because I am denim obsessed!

Simple looking and fit well, in size 38
 (I'll probably cut holes in them later on because i like the distress look)

Loose jumper in Burgundy $5

The material is thin so it's good for laying up for spring/autumn weather. 
I'm not too crazy about this one because it is very easy for the knit to come off if you accidentally scratch it! love the color tho!

Ruffle tank top in White $5

A cute, feminine looking tank top with ruffle details, good to wear with jeans.

Chain necklace $2

Something that Miley Cyrus would often wear but a much less chunky version. 
Looks good with sweater! 

So that's my super cheap H&M haul, hurry up and get these bargains!

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