Saturday, November 7, 2015

Essence stay all day 16hr concealer

Another product review from my favourite brand, Essence. It is the stay all day 16hr concealer and I bought in the shade 20 soft beige. I forgot the exact price of this product but it was about $4 AUD. Unfortunately, there were only two shades available with the other being 10 natural beige. I swatched them in store and they look fairly similar to me.

As you can see, the product is quite pale and the consistency is thick!

This is after two layers of using the concealer because after applying the first layer, I could still see my dark circles. There is definitely a difference but a subtle one. Honestly, I was expecting more coverage because of the thick consistency. I tried concealing a pimple but the shade is too white only making the spot more visible. I feel that it may work better if you apply foundation on top of this concealer. 

I can't say anything about the 16 hr claim because I don't wear my makeup for that long. 

Verdict: I would suggest using this concealer for the pale ladies or those who want to conceal just their undereye dark circles. 

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