Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Achieving Ash Brown Hair: Schwarzkopf Freshlight Foam Color Berry Ash

Another hair dye review, this time on the Japanese schwarzkopf freshlight foam color. I've always adored that beautiful, cool toned ashy brown color. However, my two last attempts were both failures. The first time I used Palty and then followed by Liese, both left my hair a shade that doesn't resemble "ash" at all.

Japanese beauty products are known for their adorable packaging and this one is no exception. It features an image of Blythe the doll with ash brown hair. I purchased it from bonjour (HK beautystore) for 48HKD only, which turns out to be 8.63AUD.

The shade I have is in Berry Ash. From looking at the chart, I was expecting my hair to turn out on the darker side. It comes with a bottle with a pump. Sorry that I did not take any photos but if you'd get the idea if you have ever used foam hair dyes.

The previous state of my hair, about 5 months worth of regrowth. 

As you can see, the hair dye covered my roots super well leaving almost no trace of discoloration! I was seriously impressed.

As you can tell in the photo, it toned down and got rid of almost all the red tones in my previous hair. 
I was extremely pleased with the result, it is safe to say that this has been the best DIY hair dye job I've ever encountered. 

The result stayed put and this is what it looks like in shopping mall's lighting.

I totally recommend this product and would definitely purchase it again. Ten out of ten!

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